Metaverse Museum’s sea-inspired art exhibit featured at Summer Sailstice 2022

(Image courtesy Metaverse Museum.)

The Metaverse Museum — founded in 2007 and one of the oldest and largest virtual museums in OpenSim and Second Life — has a new Sea-of-Blake-inspired art exhibition named Emerald in Water which opened on June 18 and runs through July 8 at the Summer Sailstice 2022 conference in Second Life. The sea-inspired exhibition investigates the form of bodies suspended between the sea and sky including vessels, sails, manta rays, and dolphins.

Emerald in Water exhibit is curated by Metaverse Museum founder and owner Rosanna Galvanni, known in Second Life as Roxelo Babenco, and organized by Steux Auer from MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan. The gallery exhibition is crafted by different artists, Galvanni told Hypergrid Business.

“The exhibition titled Emerald in Water takes place in the Havna Bay sim in Second Life and 15 artists participated, including five photographers and 10 sculptors or 3D artists,” she said.

The works, sculptures, and photographs are displayed in buildings and spaces throughout Havna Bay like an open-air museum or better said a diffuse museum.

The SLurl address is:

Emerald in Water will also feature a sub-conference known as In a Bottle: The Sea of Jack The Bolina which is also organized as part of the larger exhibition for the Summer Sailstice 2022 event. The In a Bottle: The Sea of Jack The Bolina will take place on July 8 at the Svalbard sim, near Havna. Dr. Giuseppe Merlini, director of the San Benedetto del Tronto Sea Museum, is the main speaker at the In a Bottle: The Sea of Jack The Bolina conference.

The SLurl address for the sub-conference is:

Exhibition also coming to Craft World

MdM Museum in Craft World. (Image courtesy Metaverse Museum.).

The exhibition was created at the request of Stefano Lazzari, communications manager of the MEET Center for Digital Culture in Milan, who asked Galvanni to create it after she presented the Metaverse Museum at the MEET Digital Culture Centre in Milan in June this year, with a link between Craft World grid and the Milanese facility.

“In the fall, we will also bring the Emerald in Water exhibition and the In a Bottle: The Sea of Jack The Bolina conference to Craft World as well,” said Galvanni. “In fact, we are preparing a 5 by 5 sim on navigable sea so as to reconstruct the setting of Second Life.”

“The curatorial experience in Second Life does not mean that the Museum of the Metaverse’s base has changed,” she said. “The museum’s home is and remains in Craft World — the incursion into other worlds is invigorating for the Metaverse Museum which is always in need of new stimuli and new alliances.”

A strong attraction for OpenSim

The Metaverse Museum promotes and bridges the gap between virtual worlds art and artists in the digital world and the physical world. It welcomes and promotes real-world as well as virtual artists and their creations.

Although it started in Second Life as a place for virtual world art, the museum moved to Craft World in 2010 and was rebuilt in March 2015 by architect Elif Aiyter. It later changed focus, supporting both virtual and real-world art and artists.

Metaverse Museum is a 3D digital museum in Craft World grid and hosts more than 50 artists and installations. It is installed in the MdM sim, but has five other regions where projects ytraceable to MdM are housed. The museum is now a strong attraction in OpenSim and constantly receives many visitors from other grids, said Galvanni.

“The works, installations, the museum’s fine architecture, performances, events, artists and owner constitute a single conceptual, immersive and performing work, ready to cross the threshold of one world to enter another,” she said.

The Museum is a place for collaboration, sharing and culture. It hosts events, performances, and creations. Its design fully meets the new definition of a Museum as adopted by the International Council of Museums Executive Board, Galvanni said.

Welcoming real-world artists

(Image courtesy Emerald in Water.).

The Metaverse Museum also acts as a workshop to create initiatives, events, and performances to be shown in the physical world through cross-media operations.

It opened its doors to traditional artists in 2020 and welcomes photographers, water-colorists, digital artists, and artists of all kinds — whether they operate in the physical world or immaterial worlds.

“The Museum can accommodate artists of all kinds because the time is ripe to move towards a more open conception of a virtual museum, inclusive and at the same time aware of the value of the Museum of the Metaverse, which is ready to welcome all art,” said Galvanni.

“The exhibitions and initiatives organized, as well as the collaborations with other entities, over the last two years, have been many,” said Galvanni. “It is important to mention the group show organized for 2Lei in Craft World, to celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.”

In summer 2020, the Metaverse Museum participated in “Art Connection,” an art exhibition organized by the municipality of Fermo in Italy, which connected Craft World with the hall where the real world exhibition was held.