Directory indexes 100 hypergrid destinations

Press Release: The Hypergrid Worlds directory of hypergrid-enabled destinations indexes 100th regions yesterday

The Hypergrid Worlds directory of hypergrid-enabled destinations has indexed its 100th regions yesterday.

The directory, a service of Hypergrid Business, is a hierarchical, categorized listing of sites accessible via hypergrid teleport in more than 30 worlds running on the open source OpenSim virtual world platform. Hundreds of other hypergrid-enabled worlds remain to be categorized.

“We’re starting to see the beginnings of a real 3D Web,” said Hypergrid Business editor Maria Korolov. “You can take your avatar from one grid and teleport to a completely different world without logging in again. It’s just like a regular teleport — you have your appearance and attachments, you can access your inventory, you can even go shopping on another grid and bring your purchases home with you.”

There are still some significant problems with the hypergrid, Korolov said. The biggest problem is the lack of Web-based access to the hypergrid, she said.

“In addition, you can’t hypergrid from one region to another that has the same grid coordinates,” she said. “Teleports also fail for a range of other reasons, such as if the regions are too far apart, or run versions of OpenSim that are too different from one another.”

The big public grids are currently growing at 10 percent a month, she said, according to Hypergrid Business research. But the total number of grids is growing faster.

“I talk to people every week who are rolling out new grids for education, for business, and for personal use,” she said. “There is currently no way to track all these grids, but we’re going to try.”

The regions currently listed in the Hypergrid World directory were not the first one hundred regions running on the OpenSim platform, nor were they the first one hundred that were hypergrid-enabled. There was no deliberate attempt to select the best regions — these regions are simply the first one hundred that were added to the index.

The list also does not include formerly hypergrid-enabled regions on the ScienceSim grid since that grid — one of the most cutting-edge worlds running on the OpenSim platform — has recently switched off hypergrid teleports for security reasons.

Although there were no reports of this happening, it is technically possible for ill-intentioned region owners to access the inventories of visitors to their regions and delete belongings. Teleporting to regions located on unknown grids may expose visitors to this threat. The security problem has been fixed in the latest release of OpenSim.

The first one hundred

The following regions were the first 100 indexed by the Hypergrid Worlds directory.

OSGrid regions: Paradise, w00topia, Freiland, SouthSea4 , Fogbow, White Wolf, Hypergrid Market Upper, Dahlia Island, CambosFM, Lunga Sea, Diaspora, UC Irvine, Snoopies, Samsara, OSGrid Hyper, Mala, Gateway 7000, Aesthetica

FrancoGrid regions: OpenProGrid, Beta, Biblio, Orisis, Eiffel, Sandbox Owest, Montreal, Cevennes, MiniCloud 1, Aigual, Machinilab, China Town Orion City Alicia

WilderWesten regions: Atlantis Mercury, Atlantis Magnolia, Gateway 3000, Gateway 7000, Atlantis Gomar, Atlantis Deixus

V-Business regions: Transport, Energy, Retail, Government, Smarter Planet, Welcome

Cyberlandia regions: Auriga, Chimera, MarNero, Asia, Euterpe

ReactionGrid regions: HG Gateway 2, AmberMyst, HG Gateway 1, Core1

Grid4Us regions: Virtual Law, Catch It, Ellis Island Shops, Grid4Us Entrance

TroppoGrid regions: Lizard Island, OutIsland, Troppo Island, Troppo Heron Island

Metropolis regions: CenterWorld, Dahme, Beach-Disco Island

GermanGrid regions: Tamaland, TamaSea, Tarian

DorenaVerne regions: Dorenas World, My World

UCIGrid regions: UCI Central 1, Gateway 3000

ArchitectureIslands regions: Hometta, Architecture

Virtyou regions: Ninesim, Luchsenburg

Logicamp regions: Logicamp-SW, Logicamp

AnSky regions: Club AnSky, Nile

FunGrid regions: Puckys Island, HyperGate

JokaydiaGrid regions: Reggie, Agile Dimensions

NZVWGrid regions: FxEd

MyOpenGrid regions: Over Land

CondensationLand regions: Condensation Land

HumbugCove regions: Humbug Cove

PMGrid regions: Art00

ItiMotu regions: Motu Aruo

UFSGrid regions: Sol Sector 001

JansSchmiede regions: Jans Schmiede

KimsWorld regions: Kims World

Sanctuary regions: Peace

DjinnMetaverse regions: SylveLand_11

VirtualRealityGrid regions: Space City 1

TromblyInternational regions: Trombly

My3dWorld regions: My3dWorld