Web-based viewer released for Second Life, OpenSim

Press Release: Tipodean launches Canvas, a Web-based viewer for Second Life and OpenSim, which is built using Unity 3D

Tipodean Technologies is pleased to announce the preview launch of Canvas, a web-based viewer for both Second Life and Opensim. Licensed from IBM, Canvas is unique in that it is highly scalable and easily customizable. Built with Unity3D and open web technologies, the web development community will be able to create unique and branded immersive virtual world experiences without having to know/learn new or complex code. The viewer can run as a hosted solution for individual use or be deployed to be hosted by others. “Canvas gives you the ability to have a light weight web-based virtual world solution that can configured to whatever your needs may be. Combing Canvas with OpenSim allows for an out-of the-box scalable virtual world deployable in the web”, said Chris Collins, CEO of Tipodean Technologies.

Tipodean will be distributing and supporting Canvas. It will be offered in two forms: on a per user basis and as a completely customized deployment. Distribution of Canvas will start the week of December 6th, 2010. For more information, please contact Tipodean at +1 (415) 669-4028 or canvas@tipodean.com or http://www.tipodean.com/canvas/index.html

Tipodean Technologies is a company focused on virtual world technology that is easily accessible to all.

Canvas viewer. (Image courtesy Tipodean.)

Features of the Canvas viewer:

  • Compatible with OpenSim and Second Life
  • Runs in the browser using the Unity3D plugin
  • Runs on lower end machines and lower bandwidth
  • Uses standard open web technology so can be easily branded or configured to meet your needs
  • Embed into your own web properties like your intranet or facebook
  • Deployable onto your own network
  • Highly scalable