Altus delivers events to mobile devices

Altus Unveils the First Hybrid Event Solution to Increase Engagement and ROI for Corporate Conferences and Events

Altus Event MyStro(TM) Bridges the Gap Between In-Person, On-Line and On-Demand Events

CAMPBELL, CA — Altus, a leader in enterprise on-demand rich media solutions for conferences, sales enablement, and knowledge sharing, today released an industry-first Hybrid Event platform that gives conference attendees a single, unified user interface from which to access agendas, live and on-demand video, and social media content. Altus SaaS-based Event MyStro puts conference content at the fingertips of conference attendees, dramatically improving engagement before, during and after the event and significantly improving overall event ROI.

Event MyStro Features:

  • uniquely delivers live, on-demand and social components in a single, unified interface
  • delivers on-demand and streaming content and media on all leading desktops and tablet devices, including Android, Apple and BlackBerry powered products
  • integrates with Altus Mobile MyStro to provide a seamless experience for attendees through access to all conference information and content on all leading smart phones
  • maximizes attendee productivity by making on-demand conference video searchable and accessible at the point of interest
  • extends multi-day events into ongoing, year-long experiences
  • content-rich experiences for customers, prospects, partners and employees
  • integrates with a range of social media applications, delivering strong ROI through detailed reporting, lead generation and marketing analytics
  • allows for simple aggregation and management of the content from a company’s entire portfolio of conferences via the Altus vSearch on-demand platform
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“We wanted to leap-frog the traditional approach taken for ‘virtual events,'” said Altus CEO Ted Cocheu. “We all know that major corporate conferences and events require multiple modes of engagement, including in-person and on-line, live and on-demand. Virtual-only is fine for short-duration webinars, but the trend for larger corporate events with multiple concurrent racks is clearly hybrid. And this required a radically different approach to enable easy access to all conference content for both in-person and on-line attendees, as well as live and on-demand content access.”

With Altus Event MyStro, conference organizers for the first time can truly deliver an integrated physical and on-line event experience, highlighted by full access to all event content. Through an intuitive user interface, attendees at the live event can view live streaming sessions, create and manage schedules, and view on-demand sessions to maximize their event experience. For presentations that event participants cannot attend, Event MyStro enables them to view streaming or on-demand presentations from any computer or tablet. Altus Event MyStro is the first truly Hybrid Event solution that extends the life of the content of internal and external knowledge-sharing events to become ongoing, year-long experiences.

Search is Key
Altus Event MyStro incorporates the same groundbreaking video search capability that led the Altus’ vSearch platform to become the leading solution for on-demand access to video-based content for sales enablement, training and on-demand events. Presentations or other video content from events are searchable and accessible at the point of interest, enabling busy field staff to find and reuse the exact knowledge they need, whenever they need it on any device.

Integrated with Mobile MyStro
When deployed alongside Altus Mobile MyStro, Event MyStro delivers even greater value to users. Mobile MyStro provides users with instant access to every session, sponsor and exhibitor on Android, BlackBerry, J2ME, Palm OS, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile and Apple iOS devices. Recorded presentation content can be accessed from Mobile MyStro via the conference schedule or personalized agenda to give attendees continuous access to conference content after the event. The combination of Event MyStro and Mobile MyStro delivers the industry’s first true Hybrid Event experience with 24x7x365 user engagement.

About Altus

Altus is a leading provider of video search and management systems for the enterprise. Organizations deploying Altus for events, sales enablement, training, collaboration, and knowledge sharing can deliver critical knowledge to large, geographically-dispersed audiences, including employees, partners and customers. Accessible through a seamless rich-media experience, valuable content from corporate conferences and knowledge sharing events can be easily accessed and reused to improve corporate performance. Leading companies such as Cisco, GM, HP, IBM, and Oracle rely on Altus to achieve outstanding ROI, major productivity improvements, and significant savings in reduced travel and training costs. More information is available at

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