SAP Influencer Summit largest to date with virtual platform

Press release: SAP expands reach with vcopious virtual platform at 2010 Influencer Summit

Virtual environment software platform increases engagement among key SAP influencers with exclusive virtual platform

Conshohocken, PA– vcopious, a leading virtual environment software platform, recently powered the first virtual platform for the 2010 Annual SAP Influencer Summit, held in Santa Clara, California.  As one of the company’s premiere annual events, the 2010 Influencer Summit attracted more than 150 onsite industry influencers and an additional 1,763 virtual participants.

Since its inception in 2001, the SAP Influencer Summit has evolved from a small group of elite IT industry analysts to an expanded global audience that includes SAP board members, senior executives, customers and partner communities.

“This year’s SAP Influencer Summit was our largest event to date and a successful case study for influencer engagement in a digital age,” said Don Bulmer, vice president of Global Communications at SAP. “People who make decisions to purchase business software and other IT related hardware and services increasingly rely on multiple sources of experts/expertise in the industry to support, inform and shape their opinions.  By incorporating video, social media, and user analytics to track engagement, the vcopious virtual platform enabled us expand the scope and influence of the summit without a dramatic increase in cost.”

Virtual participants of this year’s event spent an average of 120 minutes in the virtual environment on the first day, with access to more than 400 live and on demand broadcast presentations of all key notes and breakout sessions.  In addition, virtual participants were able to schedule sessions for viewing presentations, download event information and share video content directly from the virtual platform via email and social media platforms such as Twitter.  Virtual participants have watched more than 640 hours of video to date and continue to remain engaged with the site since the event’s conclusion.

The vcopious virtual environment platform was created exclusively for the SAP Influencer Summit and can be hosted and accessed online indefinitely. The software platform allows SAP to build on the site as the program expands each year.

“The vcopious platform is flexibly designed so it can continue to evolve with SAP’s expanding business needs,” said Ken Hayward, CEO of vcopious. “We look forward to our ongoing relationship with SAP to create new and engaging virtual experiences that help build their brand and expand their reach globally.”

The 2010 Influencer Summit is the latest example of how SAP is using the vcopious virtual platform for multiple business uses.  SAP recently utilized the platform to deliver an enhanced, interactive experience at SAPPHIRE®NOW, the company’s international customer conference, and at SAP® TechEd, its technical and business-process conference series held at locations around the world.

SAP Influencer Summit (Image courtesy SAP.)

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