Four grids cut land prices

Just in time for the holiday season, four grids are lowering land prices or offering special holiday deals.

3rd Rock Grid

A week ago, 3rd Rock Grid program director Zinnia Frenzy contacted Hypergrid Business to let us know that the prices listed in our vendor directory had changed.

Instead of $50 a month for a 15,000-prim region, these regions cost just $15, with no setup fee. Each additional 1,000 prims is $1, and regions of 20,000 prims or more can be configured as varregions at no additional cost.

Plus, there’s a special offer for new residents, called the First Land Program. For $1 for the first month, new residents can get an 8,000-prim region — and then pay just $8 a month after that for as long as they want to keep that region.

3rd Rock Grid is one of the oldest OpenSim grids, known for its music festivals. A closed grid for most of its existence, it turned on hypergrid connectivity a year ago and saw a dramatic and immediate spike in both regions and usage. Traffic and regions then fell when founder Terry Ford left to start his own grid, DigiWorldz. Growth seems to have picked up again recently, however, as the grid restructured itself as a Dutch non-profit.

3rd Rock Grid has also historically scored well for its community, and did so again in this year’s grid survey.

Historic stats for 3rd Rock Grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)
Historic stats for 3rd Rock Grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)


And speaking of DigiWorldz, the grid has also brought back its First Land Program. When the grid first launched earlier this spring, it offered 15,000-prim regions for $8 each, but it was only a limited-time offer.

Today, a standard 15,000-prim region costs $20. Through the First Land Program, however, a new resident can get one new 10,000-prim region for $10 a month.

Features include OAR region exports and uploads, IAR inventory exports and uploads, 30 days’ worth of automatic backups, vehicle border crossings, a Web-based interface that region owners can use to restart their regions, and voice support for up to 50 simultaneous users.

DigiWorldz also had the fastest launch of any grid in OpenSim history. As you can see in the chart below, it took DigiWorldz just five months to hit the 1,000 active user mark, during which time it also grew to a size of 981 regions. The closest contender was YrGrid, which took three months to reach 1,000 users but was not able to maintain that size for more than a month, while DigiWorldz continued to stay above 1,000 actives. In addition, YRGrid only grew to 63 regions during that time. Other dramatic launches include Avination, back in 2010, and the Great Canadian Grid, which launched last year.

Growth of the 11 grids that have reached 1,000 active users at some point in their history. (Hypergrid Business data.)
Growth of the 11 grids that have reached 1,000 active users at some point in their history. (Hypergrid Business data.)


Craft World has lowered the price of its standard 10,000-prim region from 12 Euros to 7 Euros per month, the grid announced yesterday.

The price of its full, 25,000-prim region have dropped from 20 Euros to 15 Euros per month, and the 400-prim landscape regions went from 3 Euros to 2 Euros a month.

The grid has discontinued its 3,000-prim microregions and their owners are automatically upgraded to the standard regions for the same price.

In addition, educators will be able to get 25,000-prim regions at a discount, for 7 Euros a month each. See the full land page here.

Tangle Grid

Finally, Tangle Grid is offering a holiday sale on its regions. A 15,000-prim region is just $5 per month until the end of the year, while a 20,000-prim 2 by 2 varregion is $15 per month. Once rented, the region prices will not go up after the sale ends, but will remain in place for the life of the region.

Normally, 20,000-prim regions are $20 a month.

The grid also offers variable-sized regions as well as free lots, apartments and houses for new residents. See the land sales page for full details.

Tangle grid land sale 2015 holidays

Is there another grid that recently dropped its land prices or is offering special deals for the holidays? Email me at or let us know in the comments below.

Maria Korolov