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Press Release: ThinkBalm Publishes Enterprise Immersive Software Selection Guide

Today, industry analyst firm ThinkBalm published “The Enterprise Immersive Software Decision-Making Guide.” This report is a use case-based guide designed to aid business decision makers in the enterprise immersive software selection process. The report covers nineteen vendors and presents “if/then” scenarios, highlighting good-fit software vendors for common situations.


Little Compton, RI  — Today, industry analyst firm ThinkBalm published The Enterprise Immersive Software Decision-Making Guide, a powerful tool for business decision makers selecting immersive technology, like virtual worlds or virtual event platforms, for use in the workplace.

The Enterprise Immersive Software Decision-Making Guide
The Enterprise Immersive Software Decision-Making Guide

Enterprise immersive software is a collection of collaboration, communication, and productivity tools unified via a 3D or pseudo-3D visual environment. In this computer-generated environment, one or more people engage in work activities like meetings, conferences, and learning and training. The software provides a shared, interactive, multichannel experience through presence awareness, voice chat, active speaker indication, text chat, and many other features, often including avatars.

The Enterprise Immersive Software Decision-Making Guide was designed to help business decision makers recognize and adapt to the challenges of choosing the right enterprise immersive software. It is a use case-based guide that presents “if/then” scenarios and highlights good-fit software vendors for common situations. The report offers guidance on how to: 1) ask core business questions to frame the discussion, 2) choose a research-and-demo, do-it-yourself, or combination approach, 3) identify requirements based on your use case, and 4) filter your options based on important limiters.

“The enterprise immersive software market is still emerging, with two dozen or more software offerings available,” said Erica Driver, co-founder and principal of ThinkBalm. “To make sure business decision makers select the right product, they should start with this key question: ‘What business problem am I trying to solve?’ This report helps them create a list of use case-based requirements — a wish list, of sorts — and then refine their options based on critical limiting factors.”

The following vendors are covered in this report: A World for Us, Altadyn, American Research Institute, Inc., Amphisocial, Avaya, Forterra Systems, IBM, InXpo, Linden Lab, ON24, ProtonMedia, ReactionGrid, Rivers Run Red, Sun Microsystems, Teleplace, Unisfair, VastPark, VenueGen, and Virtual Italian Parks.

To develop this report, ThinkBalm analysts held structured briefings with nineteen enterprise immersive software vendors and conducted interviews with fifteen early adopters who were involved in the technology selection process. Some of the briefings took place directly in the vendors’ immersive environments. ThinkBalm analysts combined their insights from these discussions with hands-on experience using immersive software, and their interactions with clients and members of the ThinkBalm Innovation Community. The ThinkBalm Innovation Community currently numbers more than 400 Immersive Internet advocates, implementers, explorers, and technology marketers.

This research report was made possible by sponsorship from Linden Lab, ProtonMedia, Teleplace, and Virtual Italian Parks.

The report is available for download on ThinkBalm’s Web site at

About ThinkBalm:
ThinkBalm is a boutique analyst firm focused on work-related use of the Immersive Internet. We provide research and advisory consulting for technology marketers and Immersive Internet advocates, implementers, and explorers. The company was established in June, 2008 and is headquartered in Rhode Island, USA.

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