OnePlus 2 launch app now available for download

screen-shot OnePlus 2The world’s first virtual reality product launch — for the OnePlus Two smartphone — is scheduled for 7 p.m. Pacific on Monday, July 27, and the app is now available for download from the Google Play store.

The app works in combination with a Google Cardboard or other compatible virtual reality headset, but falls back to standard 360-degree video if the headset is not available.

OnePlus One smartphone. (Image courtesy OnePlus.)
OnePlus One smartphone. (Image courtesy OnePlus.)

China-based OnePlus is best known for their OnePlus One smartphone, a $300 Android phone that offers the high-end features and large screen of a $600 phone, and got excellent reviews from Engadget and PCMag.

Last month, OnePlus offered 30,000 free Google Cardboard headsets to customers who wanted to watch the OnePlus 2 product launch in virtual reality but didn’t have their own headsets. They ran out in about a day.

It’s probably too late to get a Google Cardboard headset in time for the launch, but here are a few places where you can get them.

Maria Korolov