First full-length VR movie begins filming in Baltimore

Director Alexander Oshmyansky positions 360-degree camera.

The world’s first full-length feature film to be shot completely in 360 degrees, “Career Opportunities in Organized Crime,” has begun filming in Baltimore.

A documentary-style comedy about the Russian mafia, the movie is helmed by first-time director Alexander Oshmyansky, and features mostly unknown actors.

The movie is scheduled to be released next year.

“This may be history,” Damion J. Williams, one of the actors in the movie, told WBAL TV.

The movie is being recorded by multiple GoPro cameras, as well as traditional cameras.

“The idea is it’s almost like a bit of a film experiment,” Oshmyansky said. “You can watch it one way and then you can watch it the other.”

Viewers will be able to watch it as a standard movie, as a 360-degree movie, and in immersive virtual reality using headsets such as Google Cardboard or the Oculus Rift.

“It’s a uniquely immersive experience,” he said. “You can look in any direction and feel kind of like you’re there with the characters as the action is happening.”

Read the full article at WBAL TV.

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