VENDORS: OpenSim Hosting

3D Hosting logo thumbnail

3D Hosting

US$45 a region (35 Euro) a month on OSGrid, ScienceSim or other open grid, or as a separate world. No standalone mini-grids.

3rd rock grid logo

3rd Rock Grid

US$50 a month, with no setup fee, for a 15,000 prim region.

AnSky Logo thumbnail


US$48 a month, located on the AnSky grid, for a 15,000-prim region. No hypergrid, Vivox voice.

Avination logo


$60 a month, with no setup fee, located on the commercial Avination grid, for 45,000 prims and up.

AviWorlds logo 2015 large


US$5 a month for a 15,000-prim region on the AviWorlds grid, no setup fee. Hypergrid, varregions available.

Clone life logo 2

Clone Life

US $14 (10 Euro) for a 15,000-prim region on the Italian-language Clone Life grid.

CloudServe logo


Grids starting at $89.95. Includes OAR and IAR backups and uploads, hypergrid access, voice, and multiple currency options.

DigiWorldz logo


$16 a month for a 15,000-prim region on the hypergrid-enabled DigiWorldz grid. Can be configured as a 4×4 varregion.

Dorenas World logo

Dorenas World

US$29 a month for a full region on the German-language social grid Dorenas World.

Dreamland logo

Dreamland Metaverse

Regions start at $30 a month for a 12,000-prim region, with no setup fee, either on OSGrid or as a separate world. Includes Vivox voice, groups, search, offline messages, hypergrid access, and region control panel. Choice of PayPal, OMC or private currency.

DS4O square


$90 a month for a mini-grid of up to 16 regions, including Vivox voice, hypergrid, default avatars and currency. Full grids start at $160 with up to 32 regions.

Dynamic Worldz logo

Dynamic Worldz

US $8 per month for 16,000-prim region on hypergrid-enabled Dynamic Worldz grid. Varregions and other sizes available.


Firecracker Grid

US$15 a month for a 15,000-prim region on the hypergrid-enabled Firecracker Grid. Can be configured as a four-region varregion. Free residential parcels also available. More details here.


FireSabre Consulting

US $150 per month for a four-region simulator on the Starlight grid. Building, consulting, and Second Life migration services also available.

GalaXims Logo


7 Euro (about US $8) a month, with no setup fee, for a 30,000-prim region on OSgrid or Metropolis, can be configured as a varregion from Barcelona-based Galaxims.

GermanGrid logo


US$62 (50 Euro) a month for 25,000-prim region, no setup fee on this German-language social grid.

Hispalab logo


Hispalab offers US$82 (60 Euro) per month for a 15,000-prim region capable of holding up to 40 simultaneous avatars. Spanish-language support. Other region sizes available, as well as dedicated servers. 20 Euro for a...

InWorldz logo


US$60 a month for 30,000-prim mainland region, with $60 setup fee (currently waived), $75 for 45,000-prim private island region.

Island Oasis logo

Island Oasis

US$35 per month on the Island Oasis grid for a 15,000-prim region. Vivox voice, local currency, no hypergrid.

Jokaydia logo


US$22 ($25 AUD a month) with a US$45 ($50 AUD) setup fee.

Kitely logo


US $15 a month for a 15,000-prim on-demand region. Easy OAR exports and imports, voice, hypergrid, megaregions. First six hours free.

Littlefield Grid logo

Littlefield Grid

US$20 a month with no setup fee for a 30,000 prim region on Littlefield Grid. Hypergrid, Vivox voice, no currency.

Logicamp logo


US$ 13 (10 Euros) a month for a 15,000-prim region on the education-focused, French-language Logicamp grid. OMC currency, hypergrid.


Lost Paradise

US $8 a per month for unlimited prims on up to a 2×2 varregion, with hypergrid and Vivox voice.

MA Rentals logo

MA Rentals

US $35 (25 Euro) for a 15,000-prim region on any open grid, with no setup fee and two-week free trial. Payment via PayPal, OMC, L$, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Metropolis logo


29 Euros (US $33) a month for up to 45,000 prims. Includes hypergrid, groups and voice. Free varregion upgrade.

Oliveira logo

Oliveira Virtual Lands

US$12 for a 15,000-prim region on OSGrid, any other open grid, or as a standalone.No setup fees. With Web-based management console, hypergrid, voice.

SimValley logo


US$21 (15 Euros) with a $34 (25 Euro) setup fee for a 15,000-prim region on the international SimValley grid, on another open grid, or a private grid. Other size lots also available, as well as free parcels for new users.

SkyLife Grid logo

SkyLife Grid

US $3 a month for 15,000-prim region, no setup fees, on the hypergrid-enabled SkyLife Grid. Varregions available.

Speculoos logo


US $18 (12 Euros) for a 15,000-prim region on the Belgian Speculoos grid or other open grids. Hypergrid enabled. Free residential and non-profit parcels.



US$28 (20 Euro) for a 15,000-prim region on the startup Swondo World grid or OSGrid. No setup fee. First two weeks free.



US$40 (30 Euro) a month per region on OSGrid, Wilder Westen, OpenNeuland, any open grid, or as a separate world. Full grid hosting and management services available.

Tangle Grid logo

TanGle Grid

US$20 per month, no setup fee, for a 20,000-prim region. $1.25 a month per every 1,000 additional prims. Hypergrid enabled.

tertiary grid logo

Tertiary Grid

US$22.50 a month for a 15,000-prim region, with a $25 setup fee. Free 1/8 sims. Long-term discounts.

Great Canadian Grid logo

The Great Canadian Grid

CAD $10 per month (US $7.50) for 15,000-prim region on The Great Canada Grid, no setup fee. Hypergrid supported.

TomaHost icon


US$16 (12 Euro) a month for a 15,500-prim region that can hold up to 80 avatars, with no setup fee on Virtual MinTaka or other grids. Other region sizes, dedicated servers also available.

Twilight Grid logo

Twilight Grid

$5 per month for a 22,500-prim region on the hypergrid-enabled Twilight Grid. Varregions, other sizes also available.

UFSGrid logo


US $50 a month (40 Euro) for a 20,000-prim region on the Science Fiction-themed UFSGrid, with no setup fee. Premium membership required.

Virtual Highway

Virtual Highway

US$60 a month for a 40,000-prim region on the Virtual Highway grid. No setup fee. Free lots available

VirtualRP logo


US$86 a month (70 Euro) for a 15,000-prim region on this French-language role playing grid. No currency, no hypergrid. Freeswitch voice.

YourSimSpot Logo2


US$25 a month for 15,000-prim region, located on the YourSimSpot grid, OSGrid, or any other open grid. Either private or hypergrid-enabled.

Zetamex logo


US $15 per month for a 20,000-prim region with up to 40 simultaneous visitors on any open grid, can be configured as a 16-region varregion.