AviWorlds shuts down. Again.

AviWorlds. (Image courtesy Alexsandro Pomposelli.)

The on-and-off AviWorlds grid is off again. By my count, this is the 13th time that the grid has officially closed.

And, as usual, grid owner Alex Pomposelli says that this time it’s for good.

Alexsandro Pomposelli

“This is it,” he told Hypergrid Business. “I’m no longer going to open AviWorlds. The domains are for sale, AviWorlds and Avi-Labs. Highest bidder gets it.”

He said that there were no outstanding issues to settle with residents since nobody had taken up his offer to rent land or build anywhere on the grid.

“It was all AviWorlds public regions,” he said. “No one created nothing. It was all my three people who did it, and I gave the content free.”

He said that he is closing the grid due to a lack of paying residents.

In addition, he said, his income was down 50 percent because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The current world crisis gave me no choice but to shut down,” he said.

The website, Facebook page, and Twitter are all still up — for now. In the past, Pomposelli has turned all these off.

AviWorlds in happier times. (Image courtesy Alexsandro Pomposelli.)

Since early 2011, owner Alexsandro Pomposelli has experimented with being the most expensive grid, and with offering land for free. He tried to have the grid hosted with Dreamland Metaverse, with Zetamex, with Kitely, and with DigiWorldz. He has tried to run the grid from his garage. (That experiment ended with a catastrophic power surge.)  He has turned hypergrid connectivity off and on several times.

In fact, just this month, Pomposelli raised prices, turned off hypergrid access, and started charging for uploads hoping that making the grid less attractive would bring in more users.

AviWorlds’ welcome region in November 2019. (Image by Maria Korolov.)

This is when the grid has officially closed down in the past, not counting temporary outages of various lengths:

And here are some other highlights from the grid’s history:

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Maria Korolov